15 – Matt Markins

Every week around the world 3.5 million children are gathering for an Awana ministry in 117 different countries. 

Matt Markins, President/COO of Awana Global Leadership Team, has served Awana for three and a half years as the Vice President of Ministry Resources. Matt’s background in non-profit leadership has been primarily spent in the children’s ministry and mission arenas as a publisher and conference planner. Prior to his years on the Awana Global Leadership team, Matt was in leadership with Randall House Publishers where he co-founded the D6 Conference (a ministry that focuses on helping churches equip and inspire parents to join together in reaching kids with the gospel and engaging them in ongoing discipleship). Matt has recently released Leading KidMin: How to Drive Real Change in Childrens Ministry, in August 2016. Matt and Katie have two sons, Warren, and Hudson, and reside in suburban Chicago. Matt enjoys family time, traveling, carpentry, yard work, biking, and NFL football.

On this episode Pastor Casey Cariker and Family Pastor Ryan Golightly have a conversation with Matt Markins about Kid’s Ministry, Family Discipleship and how Awana impacting families for the Kingdom.



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Resources Mentioned

The Gospel Truth About Children’s Ministry by Matt Markins, Dan Lovaglia & Mark McPeak

Leading KidMin: How to Drive Real Change in Children’s Ministry by Matt Markins & Pat Cimo


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