37 – Alicia Jessop

“The opportunity to fulfill a greater purpose, and sport is just the conduit that I’m able to do it through.”

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Alicia Jessop is an Assistant Professor at Pepperdine University, where she teaches Sport Law and Sport Marketing. An attorney licensed to practice in California and Colorado, Alicia’s research focuses primarily on the implications of federal and state labor law on the sport industry, with particular emphases on sport agents and athlete protection mechanisms. Alicia also serves as a sport business contributor to The Huffington Post and The Washington Post, after previously writing for Forbes, CNBC and SI.com. Through her media career, Alicia has been credentialed for events including the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, NBA All-Star Game, Final Four and more. She is a frequent guest on national television and radio shows and consults with professional athletes and sport entrepreneurs. Alicia is also the founder of Ruling Sports, a sport website focusing on the intersections of business, law and culture with sport.

We were honored to have Alicia join Pastor Casey Cariker to discuss where sports and the Gospel intersect in her life, and orphan advocacy.

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