40 – Dr. Craig Shaw

“A worldview is the filter and lenses that we use to make decisions…Everyone on the planet has a worldview, even if they don’t think about it all the time.”

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Dr. Craig Shaw has been the superintendent of Rejoice Christian Schools since 2008. Throughout his career, Dr. Shaw has had tremendous impact on Christian Education accreditation in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.

Recently, he oversaw the contruction of rejoices new 60-acre, $55 million dollar state of the art campus and with over 1,000 students enrolled, Rejoice Christians Schools is one of the largest Private Schools in the state of Oklahoma.

While there’s a lot of excitement and momentum in his organization, Dr. Shaw remains focused on providing students with a first-class education and a Biblical shaping of their worldview.

That Christlike worldview is what he will be talking about today on the podcast.

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