45 – Tim Rich

“There are over 400 employees that work for us plus all of our customers, and each one is someone that God has brought into our lives.”

In today’s podcast, our guest is Tim Rich. Tim is a successful business man in the Tulsa area owning 5 McDonald’s restaurants, each of which are some of the most successful in the region. Having over 400 employees and over 4 decades working in the McDonald’s cooperation, Tim is a great example of a Christian leader who has found success in business and in Kingdom building inside of cooperate America. In addition to his outstanding resume, his restaurants help raise 10s of thousands of dollars per year for local schools and is on the board of directors for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tulsa.

Rich has a degree in Business from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (1975) where he majored in Marketing. His past leadership positions include Chairman of the Owasso Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors of the Claremore Chamber of Commerce, President Ronald McDonald House of Tulsa, Tulsa Co-op President, Oklahoma Insurance Operator Board, and Chairman of the Oklahoma Region Impact Committee among many others.


He has received the Ronald Award Twice, once in 1992 an again in 1999.  His managers have received Outstanding Store Manager Awards 21 times. In 2010, he received the Al Golin National McDonald’s Marketing Award.  

He and his wife, Patty–an approved owner operator herself–have 3 adult children and 5 grandkids and live right here in Owasso, Oklahoma.


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