We have three Sunday services at 8:30, 9:45, and 11 A.M.
We are located right of H169 and 106th Street North in Owasso.

8:30 am

Shaw Group
Led by Dr. Craig Shaw
Room M201
Studying: Life of Paul

9:45 am

Rejoice in God’s Word
Led by Joe Govreau
Room M105/M107
Studying: Lord, Teach Me to Pray

Joy Bible Class
 (Women’s study)
Led by Glenda Allbritton
Room M201
Studying: Matthew

Led by Kevin and Fran Wood, Charlie and Sherri Stapleton, and Jeff and Mindy Wiggins
Rooms M202 (Conference Room)
Studying: Listening for God Through John

Cariker Group (Women’s study)
Led by Pam Cariker
Room M203
Studying: Living Without Regrets

Led by Chuck and Julia Horstman
Room W202
Studying: Major Characters of the Bible

Moore Young Women’s Group
Led by Valerie Moore
Room W204
Studying: Living Free, Learning To Pray God’s Word – Beth Moore

Zingerman Group
Led by Scott and Lisa Zingerman
Room W206
Studying: The Life of David

Led by Jim and Dana Rockholt
Room W207
Studying: Book of Romans

Foster Group
Led by Ken Foster
Room W208
Studying: God’s Not Dead