Past Sermons

That's Not Fair

This series is based from Jesus' teachings in Matthew 18-20.

Joseph: Hope & Help for Turbulent Times

In this series we can learn from the life of Joseph how God worked unfortunate things for the good and how God's sovereignty showed even throughout crazy life situations and circumstances.

My Quarantine Life

In this series we take a look at the book of Philippians.

Peace of Mind

This series speaks on Biblical advice for mental health and having peace in our minds. It is about having a spiritually healthy mind.

Easter 2020

Pastor Casey shares with our church the life changing story of Easter.


A look at John 15 and Jesus teachings to Abide in the Vine.

Finding Happiness In An Unhappy World

In this series we examine what the Bible teaches about how God is our true source of happiness in this world that we live in.

The Great Shepherd

This series is a week by week study of Psalm 23.

Orphan Sunday 2019

Guest speaker Brennan Segraves came to share with us on Orphan Sunday from 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

The Good Samaritan

Pastor of Family ministries, Ryan Golightly, shares a sermon on The Good Samaritan.

Uncommon Wealth

In this series we examine how a Christian's life should be marked by what is seen as uncommon in this world. A Christian should exhibit love, generosity, kindness and show risks that sets them apart in uncommon ways from the world we live in.

You Mad Bro?

In this series, we take a look at the things in the Bible that made Jesus mad to help us learn what was really important to Him.

Jonah: Running from God Sized Mercy

This series is a study through the Old Testament book of Jonah, and we learn examples of God's great mercy that is available for everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord.

Know & Grow: 2 Peter

In this series we study the book of 2 Peter and learn how to know God more and grow in our new life in Christ.

Tall Tales

In this series we examine some of the popular myths that we believe in our culture today.

Easter 2019

Easter 2019 was amazing once again as we gathered at Rejoice High School.


This series will take us to Easter 2019 as our teaching team breaks down the Gospel according to Isaiah.

Rejoice DNA

What makes us who we are? Why are we here? In this series, we look at why we exist as a church and as followers of Jesus.

One Hit Wonders

To kick of the year 2019, our preaching team will be sharing a series of stand-alone messages called One Hit Wonders.

Isaiah 9:6

The Christmas story was foretold way back in the Old Testament, and in this series we will take a look at Isaiah 9:6.

Orphan Sunday

We take a break from our current series to raise awareness for orphans around the world. Eric Porter, founder of Backyard Orphans, joins us.

Bite Size Truth

In this series, we look at five of the smallest books in the Bible. Bite size books with king size truth!

Love Like Confetti

We throw confetti around in times of great celebration. For this series throw around love in big, bold, beautiful ways.

Keep It Local

What would happen if every follower of Jesus took the "Love your neighbor as yourself" commandment literally?

No Other Name

For our 2018 summer series, we will be looking at look at the names of God and how each applies to our lives.

Giving Matters

The Bible speaks in great detail about money. In this 2-week series, Pastor Casey discusses generosity, Kingdom building and setting your heart on things that matter.

Problem of God

In this series, Pastor Casey will walk through some of the most difficult questions brought against Christianity.

Easter 2018

It's Easter 2018 and Pastor Casey shared an unbelievable message on placing our hope in Jesus for all our tomorrows.

Be One-Make Many

What is a disciple? What does it look like to follow Jesus? How should we live in view of His second coming?

Super Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday was one to remember for a long time! Four great coaches talked about building champions for life.


We start off 2018 with an appropriately named series 'Reset'. Pastor Casey will teach on how to reset your focus on Jesus.

New Year's Eve Sunday

For New Year's Eve 2017, we welcome in award winning sing/songwriter, author, speaker, and long -time friend of Rejoice Michael Boggs.

Christmas Eve 2017

We had such an amazing time with our church family as we celebrated our Savior's birth. Check out Pastor Casey's 2017 Christmas Eve message.

60 Year Celebration Series

This series comes from the book of Nehemiah as we celebrate 60 years of ministry as a church while we also look to God to help us build the future.


The Gospel of Luke tells the story of a young man who lost his way yet found his way home. In this series, we look at how we can find our way back to God.

The Book of Mark

It's summer time at Rejoice, and this year we will travel through the gospel of Mark. We look forward to studying this book with you during the busy summer months.


No matter how healthy you feel your marriage is, God has a plan to make it healthier. For four weeks, we'll look at God's blueprint for strong marriages.


The impact of the resurrection of Jesus continues to be felt 2,000 years later. In this series, Pastor Casey will teach how the power of Christ is accessible as ever.

Being Bold in a Whatever World

In a world that continues to compromise truth, in this series we go the book of Daniel to learn how we can be bold in our faith.


In the Christmas season, our church is going to go through a series that not only appreciates the blessings we've been given but moreso how we can be a blessing.

One Life

We all have one shot at this thing called life. In this series we look at the book of Ecclesiastes and how we can take our one life and live it well.

What's In Yours?

Did you know the Bible talks about money a lot? In this 3-week series, Pastor Casey talks about how to handle your finances the way God intended.


It's summer time at Rejoice! This year we will spend each week with an in-depth look at one of the fruits of the Spirit.

Let The Arrows Fly

A series discussing raising our children up to be arrows for the Kingdom of Christ.

Rooted Faith Continued

Our Rooted Faith series picks up again after taking a break for Easter.


Easter Sunday 2016 was truly a memorable one!

Rooted Faith

Want a faith that doesn't shift and sway in the storms of life?

Abdu Murray

Listen to nationally known author and speaker Abdu Murray. A converted Muslim, Murray is the North American Director with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.